BARIATRIC SYSTEM – The True³ Digital EXTRA Mattress system is a new and exciting technology that does not follow in the footsteps of standard body mass distribution of pressure but rather cyclically alternates a series of three cells through the system to insure that one-third of the body is changed to a higher or lower pressure every two and one half minutes. Bariatric size comes with an extra-wide Mattress designed to accommodate patients up to 750 pounds when placed upon a bariatric hospital bed frame.

This TRI-PHASIC Alternating Pressure allows the patient to be placed “on the system” instead of “in the system”, relieving back pain and increasing compliance. Also, it ensures that no one portion of the body has high pressures for long periods of time – all while inducing reactive hyperemia. Cyclic alternation of pressure prevents arterial and venous capillary occlusion in surface tissue maintaining and stimulating the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids through these tissues to provide essential oxygen and remove metabolic waste.

The True³ Digital EXTRA Mattress System comes with all the features and technology available in the True³ Digital Mattress System. It offers the bariatric patient true sequential pressure relief without that “sinking in” feeling and without the difficulties that accompany moving in and getting out of a typical Immersion technology like Air-Fluidized or Low Air Loss Systems.


Why are True³ Digital Mattress Systems NOT like traditional Low Air Loss, Fluid Immersion, or Air Fluidized Technology. Most current support surfaces (Low Air Loss, Air Fluidized) are immersion technologies – pressure reduction through body mass distribution. True³ Digital Systems are based on TRI-PHASIC, Multiple Cell Alternating Technology – True Offloading by Sequential Pressure Relief. It is Important to know the differences in these technologies to effectively evaluate these systems.

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Clinical Efficacy

Technology Update: Defining ‘Active’ Pressure Redistribution
Lyn Phillips, Richard Goossens, Makoto Takahashi, Michael Clark
Wounds International Vol 3 | Issue 3 | ©Wounds International 201252

Active surface: These are powered devices designed to periodically redistribute pressure by repeatedly loading and unloading the pressure beneath the body. Unloading, or pressure removal, is typically achieved through the alternate inflation and deflation of a series of air-filled cells, giving rise to the more traditional description of ‘alternating therapy’ or ‘alternating pressure air mattress’. Unlike reactive surfaces, cyclical pressure redistribution continues even in the absence of patient movement, although the degree of off-loading varies by device.”

“As each patient presents with a unique and changing risk profile, it is not possible to determine a universally ‘safe’ pressure-duration threshold for each individual. A principal design goal is, therefore, to mimic the protective effect of repositioning by periodically reducing contact with the support surface to a level that is as low as practically achievable for as long as possible. Off -loading cycles ideally occur several times each hour to reduce the risk of ischemia reperfusion injury; a condition associated with vessel occlusion (closure or blockage) for as little as one to two hours. “

“Active surfaces, by the very nature of their design, periodically off-load the tissue, meaning that they are considered the modality of choice for patients who cannot be regularly repositioned.”

How Much Time Does it Take to Get a Pressure Ulcer?
Integrated Evidence from Human, Animal, and In Vitro Studies

Index: Ostomy Wound Manage. 2008;54(10):26-35.

“Severe pressure ulcers and deep tissue injury are associated with higher mortality rates, longer hospital stays, and costly treatment. Time is a critical factor in commonly employed measures (eg, pressure redistribution for wheelchair users and patient turning schedules) to prevent pressure ulcers and deep tissue injury.”

“Findings from the three models indicate that pressure ulcers in subdermal tissues under bony prominences very likely occur between the first hour and 4 to 6 hours after sustained loading.”

“According to current prevention guidelines from the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) (, “individuals who are able should be taught to redistribute weight every 15 minutes”.

True³ Digital Mattress System Pressure Mapping

This was pressure mapping throughout a full cycle of the True³ Digital TRI-PHASIC Alternating Pressure Technology. Notice how One-Third of the body goes to Zero Pressure every 2.5 minutes.

2.5 minutes

5.0 minutes

7.5 minutes

Product Listing

True³ Digital Mattress Systems are Full Mattress Replacement Systems. They come in Standard Hospital Bed Size and in Bariatric Bed Size. Replacement Covers, Mattresses, and Pumps are also available for Purchase. In addition to the Manufacturer Warranty, a 2 Year Extended Warranty may be purchased.

Product Indications

Stage I – IV Pressure Ulcers
Post Skin Graft / Post Skin Flap

What Can True³ Digital Systems Do for You?

True Offloading through Sequential Whole-Body Pressure Relief
“Active” vs “Reactive” Technology – Alternating pressure relief regardless of patient’s movements or position. Whole Body Sequential Pressure Reduction to ZERO every 7.5 minutes

TRI-PHASIC Alternation to promote Reactive Hyperemia
Sequential, “rolling” of 3 different pressures promotes capillary micro-bursts to help maximize blood flow.

Fail Safe “3rd Row” of air cells Supports Patient even through Power Failures
Bottom rows of cells dedicated to patient protection via a dedicated fill tube with a one-way air flow valve. Air cannot escape even if power is lost or pump is disconnected or malfunctioning.

3-Cell Support for More Comfort, Less Pain
4 inflated cells surround each deflated cell so that the patient is constantly supported. Patient lies “On” the bed instead of being immersed “In” the bed for a more natural body alignment.

Infection Control
No Bacteria/Virus spread from air sucked into pump or airflow out of cells, across patient, and into room.

Self-Contained Design – No Powerful Fan Blowing Air Constantly
Extremely Quiet for patient comfort and to support sleep – No added Heat to the room for patient comfort.

Convenience – Simple Setup and Operation
No Special Linens or Expensive Breathable Incontinence Pads Needed.
Simple Design – Strap Down Mattress, Attach Pump, Plug In & Turn On.
Prominent CPR Release at handle attachment to Pump.

FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY manufacturer warranty is available.